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23.x.x - R4 APIs

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Electronic Health Information (EHI) Export

Electronic Health Information

athenaPractice and athenaFlow support the export of electronic health information (EHI) based on FHIR Bulk Data Acces.


EHI is given as both standard FHIR R4 and non-FHIR custom resources. Custom resources conform to the basic requirements for any FHIR Base Resource with id and meta elements. Data is output using Newline Delimited JSON files as listed as one of the underlying standards for Bulk Data Export. JSON Representation of Resources gives technical details about JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) Data Interchange Format


The following resource types are included in EHI Export. There are more in athenaPractice which has more practice management features and capabilities.

Links to documentation for each of these resource types can be found under Supported APIs on the home page.

Some FHIR resources are used to represent multiple types of data classes or concepts. EHI Export data is organized by FHIR resource types. A collection of a given resource type can be examined or parsed to extract a desired subset of resources that share a common characteristic. Some common examples are listed below.

The Observation resource is used to represent many different types of clinical information. The Observation.category element can be used to extract subsets of Observations that have the same category such as laboratory or vital-signs as defined in the Observation Category Codes Value Set.

The ServiceRequest resource is used to represent multiple of services that can be performed in a clinical setting. The ServiceRequest.category and ServiceRequest.code elements can be used to extract subsets of Services requests that have the same category or groups of codes that represent a subset of interest. athenaPractice and athenaFlow ServiceRequests are categorized as service, referral, or test. Some groups of codes can all belong to various classifications of ServiceRequests such as lab orders, imaging orders, consultations, or others.

System Resources Clinical Resources Practice Management Resources Custom Resources

Note: Account, Schedule, and Slot are supported for only athenaPractice

Note: These PM custom resources are supported for only athenaPractice.

Supported resources with athenaPractice and athenaFlow for EHI data export are listed below:

athenaPractice athenaFlow